Buying a Boat

Owning a boat of you own is the best option, the other option being renting one. The real question is where to find one. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is internet and that is not a bad choice. The Internet will give you an exhaustive list of vendors and dealers from whom you can purchase a boat of choice. They having been in business for a long time can really help you and guide you with the technicalities and requirements to buy a boat. You can buy a new one or a second-hand boat. If you are technically sound than you could be lucky to find a second-hand boat in good shape. You will have to rigorously check for different components yourself and not totally accept what the dealers say.

WaterwayThe greatest benefit of buying a new one is the warranty that is provided along with it. Before you jump to a conclusion and zero in on your purchase take time out to read the written warranty documents. The warranties at times have a catch in it. If it is a limited warranty offer then be specific to ask what is covered and what is not. At times it could be the engine and only the basic coverage and you might end up paying extra for the parts not covered by the contract. Make sure you understand the warranty completely. If the dealer offers extended warranty, sit down with him and get a clear understanding whether it includes parts replacement or if it is just a service contract. So look for a reputed dealer to be on the safer side.

Insurance coverage
Get a comprehensive insurance coverage for your prized possession. This would probably cover different aspects like grounding, loss, fire and theft. You will have to provide proof of insurance in case you plan to take a loan to acquire a boat. Your bank might ask for it. Once again as in the case of warranty, get a clear understanding of the insurance terms and condition.